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What is Beauty?

The definition of beauty is, in many ways, made up. What’s beautiful in one culture may not be beautiful in another. In Asia, women want translucent, pale skin. In other places, it’s tanning beds and self-tanners. And what’s beautiful to one person is not always beautiful to another.

MakingUpBeauty means you can and should make up what you think is beautiful. It’s about creating, defining and recognizing your own beauty—because no matter what color or shape you are, no matter what self-perceived “flaws” you think you have, there is beauty. And when you know this, others know it too.

No one really needs makeup. We just want it! It’s fun to see sparkles on our lips, color on our cheeks or what we look like with longer lashes or bright red lips! It’s artistic, colorful, playful and fun.

But makeup does not define you or your beauty. You define you.


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