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Moisturizing Into Fall

Summer is disappearing (or has disappeared, depending on where you live) into the cool crispness of fall. And as the weather changes, your skin does too! Some fall skin tips:

Moisturize to the Season. Skin gets drier as the weather cools, so you may need additional moisture. If you’re oily and worried a heavier cream will break you out, use an oil-free hydrator, such as Clinique Moisture Surge under your regular moisturizer. Likewise, if your skin is normal or dry, look for one made for drier skin. Most moisturizers are specified by skin type.

Adjust Your Foundation. If you wear foundation, it’s time check if it’s the right formula. Like a moisturizer, your foundation needs to fit your current skin condition. If you’re using the wrong formula, it won’t wear well. And who wants bad foundation? Nobody.

Drink, drink, drink. Water hydrates so skin plump and more comfortable. So if your skin is dry, drink up! (I also feel out of sorts when dehydrated so it keeps me from being grumpy too). Because it’s good for you in so many ways, I am a little obsessed about drinking water…but that’s a story for another day.

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