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Makeup Your Lifestyle: Get Back That Glow!

I’m a first-time mom. When I was pregnant, I was so tired and bloated, my feet and back hurt…but apparently I did have that glow! (Whatever that is…I wasn’t feeling glowy at all.) These days I have to work little harder for it (but less tired and bloated so I’ll take the trade-off). No matter what the reason, if you feel you’ve lost your glow here are some simple ways to get it back:

Add Warmth

Dust bronzer on your cheekbones, forehead and under your jaw line. Blend well to ensure you look glow-y, not makeup-y. Most bronzers will work, but if you’re worried about turning orange, try tarte’s Mineral Powder Bronzer…it actually looks bronze, not copper. Not orange. Not red. Bronze.


Try a tinted moisturizer with a little shimmer. Apply as you would a moisturizer. Then use the bit that’s left in your hands under chin and on your neck (make sure it’s very little or you’ll end up with shimmer on your collar). I love Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20.

Exfoliate Regularly

Gently buff skin with a scrubby cloth or facial scrub to remove that top dead layer of skin. Unlike skin care products that can sometimes take weeks to see a difference, this will immediately give you softer, smoother skin.

If you’re wondering if you have a dead layer of skin, you do. Everyone does. When you’re young, dead skin sloughs itself off on its own. As you get older it wants to hang around. Completely normal and natural – but you don’t have to  be robbed of your your natural glow. It’s already there, just waiting to be revealed.



This is a picture of my friend Pamela, who always looks so glowy. Plus this picture is from her wedding so everyone must have been telling her she was a “glowing bride.” Which she actually was. 

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