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Start Anew: Makeup a New Year!

It’s time to throw the old out and try something new!

Throw Out: Mascara longer than 3 months old. Bacteria grows in old mascara and makes it go bad. Yuck.

Try On: Individual lashes. If you’ve never tried this, you can get a little pack at the drugstore that has both the lashes and lash glue. Squeeze lash glue onto a tissue and use either your fingers or tweezers to dip a bit of glue on the end of lash and place wherever you’d like your lashes to be thicker and fuller. Application takes more time than mascara, but it’s fun to try out sometime!

Throw Out: Your cracked blush and eye shadows. While they may be some of your favorite colors it’s not worth having little pieces of makeup flying all over the sink and/or leaving streaks in your bag. If they are irreplaceable shades you must have, find one of those cosmetics stores (in NYC there’s one called “Ricky’s“) that has empty cosmetics containers and see if you can scrape into one of those and then use a brush for application.

Try On: Colors you’ve never tried before. For example, if you always wear neutrals, add something bright. If you’re only comfortable in certain tones, you don’t have to change all your shades – just add a touch of color, like a sheer lipstick or gloss┬áin a brighter shade.

Throw Out: Colors you’ve had for a long time and intend to wear but never, ever do.

Try On: Do a swap with one of your friends who has some of her own colors she never wears. Help everyone start anew!

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