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Linea Pelle’s Designer Andrew Cotton Tips on How to Wear a Belt

Andrew Cotton is the “all things creative” genius behind Linea Pelle. We met on set where I was able to watch him discuss his designs and demonstrate how to best wear a belt. He talked a lot about belts, which made me realize that an accessory like a belt can be an addition that adds a touch of something without having to buy a new wardrobe.

I’ve never been an accessories person. I love looking at them and even having them, but I find extra stuff too fussy for me – bracelets jangling on my wrists, necklaces getting in the way of my clothes, etc. –  I usually end up taking them off. Don’t get me wrong. Feel free to gift me because I do love them but history indicates you should not be offended if I’m not often wearing any. But I’ve been rethinking accessories lately. And I because of Andrew, I went out today and bought a new braided belt!

A Wide Belt, called the Bo Classic Braided Belt, looks and wears especially well because the leather is vintage, so it’s soft and stretchy and comfortable. You can also wear it on either your hips or waist. Since my waist isn’t flat post-pregnancy (yes, still – and not even close), wearing it on the hips is perfect. But if you’re tiny you have options. I also personally like wide belts because they are flattering in general.

Andrew’s Tips:

  • Your Natural Waist. A lot of women think their waist is higher than it actually is. If you’re wearing a belt at the waist, make sure it’s worn just above the hips.
  • Where it Fits. The best belt fit is generally when it’s on the middle hole. But, he says, you should also be able to move, a belt should never be uncomfortable and constricting.
  • Have fun! Have fun and experiment with different kinds of belts – belts help shape your curves and style.

A skinny braided belt, called the Bo Double Wrap Braid Belt, is great because of its versatility and anybody of any size can wear it. So you can expand and contract and still be able to use this belt (those braids allow for many holes). It can also be worn either on the waist or hips and styled several different ways.

Andrew’s Tips:

  • Wear it as a double wrap. Loop it through both of the straps for a different look.
  • Criss-cross it. Use one strap through belt and let the other hang low. Andrew is all about fashion, but in the spirit of fun and personal expression. Have fun wearing it in whatever way that works for you. He says “Don’t be uptight… the extra tail [hanging low] is called attitude.” I like that!
  • Strategic placement. If you’re longer waisted, sling a skinny belt a bit lower on the hips – or opt for a wider belt.
  • A Little Pooch? If you have a little extra stomach “pooch” use a hip belt that creates a V in front to elongate the torso.

While Andrew has so many tips and ideas for belt wearing, he also advises that you experiment with different belts and find the ones that work best for you. Which I say, is always the best advice. You know what works for you. (Or if not…maybe I can go back and find Andrew for you!)

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