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Just Discovered! Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I recently did a shoot with Clinique and discovered they have a bottom lash mascara. To be honest, it sounded to me like an unnecessary product that someone would like you to buy. But as it is Clinique and they are a great company, I had to try it out.

First, I learned it is a longwearing formula, the kind that is only removed with warm water and comes off in pieces. This is a good thing – it means that the mascara will last until you intend on taking it off. So if you often find that mascara leaves residue and dark rings around your eyes, it won’t with this one.

Second, it has a mini-wand with a tiny little lash brush. Like mini-mini. Don’t be confused by the image above…the lash you see at the tip of the wand is not part of the product (it’s only part of the picture).

Then I decided to try it. I have almost no bottom lashes – a few, I can probably count them. But the product did work pretty well on those lashes so I tried it on my top lashes too. Of course, something called “Bottom Lash Mascara” is obviously not designed for top lashes – but because my eyes are small it actually worked better. I was able to maneuver around using that little brush to get mascara exactly where I needed it. So because of this and because this kind of mascara formula doesn’t irritate my eyes (most do) this could very well become my personal top and bottom lash mascara.

For most people, it actually is a great mascara for bottom lashes because it gives you controlled, precise application in a formula that will not smudge. If you find that your mascara is easy to use on bottom lashes and you’re happy with it, you can certainly do that. But if you need something more precise or even would just like to try something new, this is a good one.

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