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Eve Echo Hand Sanitizer – Changing the World, One Clean Hand at a Time

This is another new favorite product. To clarify, “new” may not mean it’s a brand-new product but since it’s new to me, it might also be new to you.

When my baby was born my brother said I’d become a germa-phobe. He’s been a father for a while now so doesn’t have new parent anxiety. But what did I know? All I knew was that there was this new tiny person in the world who could catch things on my account if I wasn’t careful. So I was constantly washing my hands. Constantly washing your hands, of course, makes them extremely dry. I’d put lotion on afterward but then I’d be washing the lotion off when I washed my hands again. So I started using moisturizing hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean and moisturized at the same time.

Then along comes a friend with Eve Echo Hand Sanitizer. I’ve always disliked the gooeyness of a sanitizer gel and I don’t like the waste of a towelette, so this was a perfect solution. It comes in a cute little perfume spray bottle that lightly spritzes on with a nice soft scent. And there’s no extra waste because it’s refillable! You can just throw in your purse without worrying it’s going to leak and get goo all over inside. And you can get it in either Sweet Mango or Lavendar Vanilla.

What’s more, Eve Echo “is on a mission to end gender inequalities and free women from oppression all over the world.” It lends 100% of its net profits to the Foundation for International Community Assistance – an organization that helps support female businesses in economically challenged communities. I always say, since you’re going to spend money anyway, why not spend money on something that’s going to make a difference too?

Not only is it good for hands and good for the world, but it’s also a hip hand sanitizer, as far as hand sanitizers go. Eve Echo has been featured in magazines such as InStyle, People and Cosmo even named it the best hand sanitizer! How I missed all that I do not know. What I do know is that this product can be recommended on so many levels that I hope everyone goes out and gets one so we’re all staying clean while helping the world too.

My daughter is almost 2 and since I’ve seen her licking the floor and eating sand and yet still seems OK, I’m no longer a germa-phobe. But of course I still like to make sure my hands are clean and fresh – especially when water is not available – and that’s what Eve Echo is perfect for.

Lucy, possibly eating chalk and thriving.

Photo of Young Lucy by Katie Ambrose.

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