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Lucy Strikes Again: Laura Mercier Eye Caviar Stick

Laughing Lucy

My daughter Lucy LOVES makeup, almost to the point of obsession. If she sees anything that looks like makeup, she’ll grab it and say, “It’s MINE.” She’ll notice if you have any—even the tiniest bit—of makeup on. If she sees me go into the bathroom and hears the cabinet door open, she’ll run in as fast as she can, look at me suspiciously and say, “What you doing?” She’ll carefully examine my face for any traces of makeup to see if she has any reason to demand some too.

From time to time Lucy will wander into another room and suddenly it gets very quiet. I’ll look for her and find she has silently reached into my purse and found a lipstick that’s now painted on her face. Sometimes there will be pink handprints and fingerprints decorating the wall. More recently she’s taken to using crayons and markers as lipstick. When I try to wipe the blue or green off of her face, she runs down the hall yelling, “NOoooo!” (I can even use makeup as a bribe. “If you eat the asparagus I’ll let you put lip gloss on.” And she’ll stuff it down as fast as she can and then shout, “Makeup!”)

The other day I had some eye makeup in a bag. I put it down to get something in the Lucy & Laura Mercierbathroom and the next thing I know, I turn around and there’s a dark stripe down Lucy’s face. I knew trying to take it off would be a battle (and not one worth fighting) so I left it on. She fell asleep on the couch and I carried her to bed, resigned that I’d be washing makeup off her sheets the next day. When she got up, the sheets were untouched, without a mark – but there was that stripe still on her smiling face! Even after a long day of playgrounds and play dates, she came home looking as if she had just put it on. I wondered if it would last as long as those little press-on tattoos I can never seem to scrub off (it did not). But I was most impressed how Laura Mercier’s Eye Caviar Stick passed the 24-Hour Lucy-Wear Test. Naturally I was anxious to see if it would pass my own 8-Hour Test (not 24, as I wasn’t planning on sleeping in it).

Laura Mercier Caviar StickThis product is a creamy eye shadow in stick form (I’ll admit it could pass as an art crayon to someone like Lucy) and it lasted all day. What I liked most is that it never creased or looked uneven in the way that almost every other shadow does on me. It also doesn’t fade and comes in rich pearly shades. The only other eye shadow that wears on me like this is a wet/dry formula from YSL (more on that later).

So that’s it. If you’re looking for an easy-to-apply, longwearing eye shadow, this is one to try!

Using This Product Tip: Apply to eyelid without worrying about it being perfect; then just take your fingertip and blend the edges. That way you don’t need to worry about spending too much time and/or precise application.

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