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We Love: Willa Born to Glow Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 Tinted Shimmer Body Lotion

My 3-year old daughter Lucy, the beauty aficionado, is quite discerning when it comes to cosmetics. For example, she doesn’t like too much makeup – she will point and say, “too much.” And when she loves something, she loves it. You may think, “What does a 3-year old know?” Well, between her staunch and stubborn support for things she loves and my experience, we make a pretty good team.

Born to Glow Product ShotLucy’s latest love is willa Born to Glow Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 Tinted Shimmer Body Lotion. This is not because she is so beyond her years that she knows sun protection is necessary. It’s because Born to Glow shimmers. As her mother I love that it protects; as a girl, she loves that it shimmers.

When we’re getting ready to go out Lucy has not a bit of patience. I’m always gathering things together before we leave, stopping to do this and that – while she runs around shouting “I’m ready! I’m ready!”

One of the things I care about most is getting sunscreen on her before she goes out. I know how the sun and environment ravages skin – that 90% of aging is from the sun. And that most damage comes not from a sunburn but from incidental sun – the sun you get from just going about your every day business – getting in and out of the car, walking to the store, etc. More recently I also learned that up to 80% of sun damage happens before age 18.  So I never want Lucy to go out without sunscreen. However, as you might imagine, getting sunscreen on a squirming, yelling toddler is difficult.

So when someone showed me willa Born to Glow sunscreen and I saw the shimmer, I knew it was a winner. Instead of asking Lucy to sit still for sunscreen, I told her that she could be sparkly. I first put it on her arms and she said, “Ooooooo.” And after that, sunscreen was no longer a battle. Now every day I go out with a shimmery, protected Lucy. And we’re both happy.

Born to Glow is a natural sunscreen, free of chemicals. Free of chemicals – especially for a young girl – is amazing. What isn’t amazing is how a chemical free sunscreen can look like white paste on skin. And since no one wants to look pasty, there is a slight tint in Born to Glow willa has made the product with a slight tint so it’s not pasty in the least.

In case you don’t know willa, it is a brand created for ‘tweens. Everything is designed specifically to meet the needs young girls and it’s made to address what’s important to the girl, as well as what her mom is concerned with. Each product is based in natural ingredients with a focus on helping girls care for their skin before it is damaged.

So Lucy is not a ‘tween. She doesn’t need a skin care system at age 3. But she does need sun protection. For Lucy and her every day sunscreen, it’s all about willa Born to Glow.

Willa Skin


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