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Your Hair: You are the Living Proof

One day I was walking down the street with some friends when we saw a woman with messy, unkempt hair (and not in a good way). My friend Paul says, “What! How hard can it be to just put your hair in curlers while you do your makeup then let it down and go?” The rest of us looked at each other and said, “It’s pretty hard.” He just stared at us. (Of course, Paul is bald – but he is amazing makeup artist who does great hair so I will give him a little credit.)

Since I generally never do anything with my hair he may as well be talking about me. I am wash and go – blow-drying my hair bores me; curling – too much trouble. At least I’m not vain, right? But even I’ll admit that putting some extra effort is sometimes nice.

Hollywood Glamour

FlexLiving Proof is a hair company that happens when a team of scientists and stylists come together to develop some hair products. One of its owners is Jennifer Aniston – perhaps the woman most recognized for her hair in the last couple decades. Who doesn’t know “The Rachel” from Friends?

I once did makeup for a celebrity who also wanted me to do her very curly hair. I told her I was not a hairstylist but she said she would “just need a No Frizztouch-up.” Which never means “a touch-up” because suddenly people realize what they really want and start making all kinds of requests. I mentioned to this my hairstylist friend and she advised me to go to Sephora and pick up Living Proof’s “No Frizz”. I ended up having to use it and her hair actually looked really good. It was a very humid day so when I saw her doing appearances on live TV, I was relieved to see that it held up. So that was my introduction to Living Proof. The company is called Living Proof because, they say, “We are the Science. You are the Living Proof.” Indeed.

Amanda Beczner and I worked with Guggenheim Productions to do the makeup for the models. The Living Proof hairstylists – including “The Rachel” creator Chris McMillan – demonstrated how to use the products to create different looks. Living Proof likes their models to look clean, fresh and very natural – here are some of the looks we created together:

Flex – Hollywood Glamour

Flex – Beach Waves


Living Proof

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